Solutions - Web Filter

Key Features:
  • Pass, Block, and Logging options for all categories, such as
    gambling, webmail, shopping, and pornography.
  • Categories update automatically.
  • Add your own URLs and file types to block, log, or pass.
  • No proxy settings required.
  • Local database ensures fast web browsing.
  • Reporting and event logs help monitor web browsing behaviour.

Control Web Content at the Gateway

ESS Web Filtering enforces network usage policies and monitor user
behaviour. Zero client installation and category block lists make it easier

  • Protect the network from malware on the web.
  • Block time-wasting sites like MySpace.
  • Conserve bandwidth by blocking audio/video downloads.
  • Leverage community URL categorization with the URL Submission

According to an industry study, at least 90 percent of large enterprises and 50 percent of small companies in the world now monitor and filter
their employees’ Internet access.

The primary reasons companies use Internet filtering and monitoring are to block inappropriate content (44%), control productivity (32%) and
preserve network bandwidth (23%).

Now you can easily monitor, set and enforce your own web usage policy with our Web Filter application. Whether you want to use our blocklists
or set your own policies for hosts, domains and files types, you can block access to inappropriate sites. Reporting enables you to view a big
picture of the kind of Web browsing behaviour occurring on your network.