Solutions - Virus Blocker

Key Features:
  • Unlike desktop solutions, ESS Virus Blocker sits at the network
    gateway so there is only one application to keep up-to-date.
  • Protection on the most common email protocols SMTP, IMAP,
    and POP.
  • Protection for webmail and file transfer via HTTP and FTP
    protocols, an increasingly common route for infection.
  • Reports and event logs show you what viruses are being
    blocked on the network.

Block Viruses at the Network Gateway

Stop virus outbreaks before they reach users desktops. With an intuitive
GUI and the ability to scan multiple protocols, Untangle makes it easier to:

  • Protect users from virus threats over web (http), email (SMTP, POP
    & IMAP) and file transfer (FTP) protocols.
  • Scan archives and compressed files like Zip, RAR, Tar and many
  • Ensure that signatures are always current with automatic updates.

Viruses can disrupt business, destroy data, and spread to your customers—a scenario that no business owner ever wants to face. You can now
protect your entire network from virus threats with our antivirus application. Whether it’s a virus, worms, Trojans or malware, our Virus Blocker
keeps emails, webmail, downloads and file transfers safe with the latest advances in antivirus technology, and works within a variety of different

Your business gets full, comprehensive virus protection, updated regularly, so you’ll always have the most current protection available. Plus, you’ll
also get the big picture view of your antivirus environment, including what viruses are being blocked.