Solutions - Intrusion Prevention

Key Features:
  • Thousands of signatures for a variety of attacks
  • Carefully selected defaults continually tuned by ESS Operations
  • New attack signatures updated regularly

Stopping Hackers at the Gateway

ESS Intrusion Prevention blocks hacking attempts before they reach
internal servers and desktops. ESS’s pre-configured signature-based IPS
makes it easier to:

  • Provide 24/7 network protection from hackers
  • Minimize annoying false positives
  • Ensure that signatures are always current with frequent updates

Most hackers are looking for computer networks that they can hijack and exploit. They cast wide nets using automated programs that sniff out
exposed networks. This makes businesses without proper network security particularly vulnerable. Our Intrusion Prevention software intercepts
attacks in their tracks. Working transparently on your network, this innovative application uses thousands of signatures to detect, block and log
intrusion attempts, using industry-standard rules. Plus, we simplify the process by setting reasonable defaults for you on thousands of signatures—
or you can change defaults and add new rules based on your company’s specific needs.