Company Profile

ESS is at the forefront of IT managed services in South-East-Asia Pacific. We have delivered managed services for over 6
years. Many of our customer relationships are over 5 years old. Customers who trust us to manage their business-critical
systems include blue chip organizations and many Local & State Authorities.

Each appreciates the extensive range of benefits that managed
services can offer – not least of which is that they stay in control while
we create the time for them to think andmanage strategically.

The benefits that ESS delivers are:

Reduced costs
In effect, you’re paying staff only for the time you’re using them – so
most of our customersfind that there’s an overall reduction in costs.
And, since our contracts are agreed in advance,you’ll also have a
clear view of future costs, making budget control easier.

Economies of scale
Since the ESS team supports a large number of systems, we can afford
to provide around theclock cover, every day. It’s a luxury that few of
our customers could finance on their own IT investment.

High reliability
Leading-edge monitoring systems and management solutions
proactively monitor our customers’systems. High quality,
integrated support from our specialists ensures problems are
dealt with immediately and efficiently, with downtime minimized.

Lower risk
Our experience and our rigorous processes ensure that we deliver what we promise. Service Level Agreements specify
precisely the performance. You can have more confidence in your system. Our compliance experts can help you ensure a
clean audit on regulatoryand similar issues. And, where new systems are required, our purchasing, project management and
implementation skills lead to a smooth introduction of services – savingtime, money and pain.

At ESS we’re flexible in our approach. You choose the services; we’ll tailor a package to meet your needs and we’ll shape
the commercial aspects to fit too.

All in all, you get the squad you’ve dreamt of, at a price you can afford. It’s a perfect combination: your leadership, our skills.