Management Team

Datuk Mansor Bin Mohammed
- Managing Director

Gwi Kim Swee
- GM & Executive Director

Datuk Mansor is in charge of the Business
Development affairs of the company.
The valuable experience and tremendous
exposures that he had gathered in various
capacities and business environments
during his tenure of service with his part
employer i.e the State Economic
Development Corporation of Negeri
Sembilan and prior to almost a 17 years
tenure of services as the Personal
Business Consultant/Advisor to late
HRH Tuanku Jaafar, Ibni Al Marhum
Tuanku Abdul Rahman, the late Tuanku
in November 2008. His designation and
job responsibilities as the Personal
Business Consultant/Advisor to the late
Tuanku entails him to successfully
source, advice, secure and prudently
managed all viable and profitable
business ventures/interest duly subscribed
by the late Tuanku and to solely manage
the business interests on the late Tuanku's
behalf. In discharging his responsibilities,
the designation also entails him to attain
close rapports and acquaintances
with VVIPS are it in the public and/or
private sector. Datuk Mansor's vast and
valuable working experience would definitely
augurs well for the
business development of ESS.

Mr. K.S. Gwi is the GM/Executive
Director of the company and is
assigned of the daily operation
of the company. His is very well
qualified in thefield of ICT
security management/solutions
and carries with him years
of valuable experience and
exposures in the trade and had
entrusted with senior Managerial
positions during his tenure of
services with several companies
with the ICT security solutions
provider fraternity. Mr. K. S. Gwi's
valuable experience and vast
knowledge and expertise in the
trade would definitely bolster
the effective and successful
daily operation of ESS.